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Hentai: Goku Laki 2

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As I sat and relaxed in the water, my boy dick grew harder, I imaginedone of the popular jocks from school swimming in the pool with me, his hot six packed rippedbody moving closer to me, his massive manhood swaying in the water in front of me, my fingers dove straight in my ass imagining it was his big hard manhood, I was pumping my boy cock in my hand furiously will pushing in fingers as fast as I can, I was moaning and grunting nearing my climax my cock pulsing and sweat pouring down my body ,

As I heard him shuffle I worried as I jumped off daddy's manhood in a flash his big tool popping out of me as I ran out of his room and into mine, I jumped under the cover to hind as I was waiting for something next, but all I felt was my daddy's juice beginning to pour out of my boy hole onto my sheets, as I scooped my hand under my hole I collect my daddy's juices and held them to my nose, it was intoxicating as I lapped up like a dog and swallowed his juices I went back for more licking and swallowing him down, might was hard again as I went down once more to feel my boy hole, and I was shock as I was able to slide 4 fingers into my needing hole I moaning and I thrashed about driving my finger in and out, This story does involve young children,incest and anything else that u may dem offense u r here to read at ur ownd choosing and can leaving anytime 🙂 for everyone else enjoy, On this perticter day I was feeling the heat for sure, lucky we had a pool so I dove straight in, dad was upstairs sleeping and mum had left us some time ago so me and dad share the houseload load, I loved to feeling of the walk slashing around, water in my hair running down my hot boy bod

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