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Naruto Docchi de Yaru?- Mitsudomoe hentai Gym Clothes

Hentai: Docchi de Yaru?

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“look at it this way pops,i hope when you get to that age you are still able to proform,still able to fuck me,still able to make love to me,still able to live out your fantasies with me and besides that as old as they are they have and still are spending a fortune with us every month and have gotten us loads of new custom over the years,and just remember i once offered them a free-bee for there loyalty and help in building our business to what it is today and they kindly refused saying it would not feel the same if they didn't pay,that paying for our people to use and abuse and rape was all part of there humiliation which they thrive on,so let them at it, and enjoy the life style that you
earn from the Greens” , i asked

“well im busy in the morning Pops,but i could make it for the evening time when i close the office if that's not too late”, Louise said smiling at the thought of getting off at someone else’s expense,

“look pops you know i always get horny when im near you,im horny at the best of times but when your around my pussy just gets so fucking wet and hungry for cock that i have to jill one off if you don't take care of me like you usually do”,
coffee came and i sat up to take and drink it,Louise was now back behind her desk before she spoke again,”back to business” she says

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